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About Ma Petite Mama

In 2005, my husband Mark and I began our parenting adventures with the exciting arrival of our first child. As we were caring for our newborn daughter we became increasingly aware of the various parenting styles and decisions most new parents encounter. One of our decisions, which diapers to use, began our journey to opening Ma Petite Mama. When Mark suggested we use cloth diapers, I was not in favor of the idea and set out to research cloth diapers in the hopes of proving that they would not work for us. I was surprised to find that the more research I did, the more I was convinced we should use cloth diapers. After researching options for a few weeks, I ordered our first set of cloth diapers.

In the first few months we found things we did and did not like about cloth diapers and tried various brands and styles. While cloth diapers were working for us, and I enjoyed the thrill of receiving “fluffy mail”, I found many that I liked but none that had all of the options I wanted – something was missing from each. I began compiling what I would like to see in a cloth diaper and did more research, only to find that nothing in the market had all of the options I was looking for so I decided to start making my own.

The first few diapers I made worked, but the patterns I found available still did not have all the options I was looking for in a diaper, so I began to make my own pattern. After making my initial pattern I began to make revisions to it until I was pleased with the outcome. After making many diapers for our daughter, I began to make them for friends and family. I used their feedback to make additional revisions to my pattern and tested new materials.

Since I was enjoying making cloth diapers, we decided that we would like to open a company selling the cloth diapers I had designed. I began to purchase the fabrics and supplies I would need and setting up an area of our home for more efficient sewing while I continued to develop products and have them tested. As we were in the process of starting our cloth diaper business we went through a very difficult personal tragedy involving a house fire and pregnancy complications. Much of the work I had done, and supplies we had purchased were lost, but the dream of owning a cloth diaper company was still there.

We had to put our dream on hold while recovering. I spent much of that time still researching cloth diapers, fabrics and sewing methods. During our recovery time, I spent a long time either in hospital on bed rest or in the Neonatal intensive care unit with our youngest daughter who was extremly premature. Our time in the hospital allowed us to become aware of additional needs within the cloth diaper community that lead me to make additional revisions to my diaper pattern

Over the years I have tested numerous fabrics, sewing methods, cloth diaper styles, and pattern revisions on a large number of babies and I am still doing research to ensure that the Ma Petite Mama products are able to reach their highest potential. In addition to cloth diapers, I have developed patterns for many other products for babies, children, mothers and general house hold use

After all these many years of thought, design and testing our product, we are excited to finally be able to offer our products!

At Ma Petite Mama, we care deeply about values and we always try to keep these things in mind:

We appreciate your interest in our products and look forward to serving you.


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